Saturday, November 28, 2009

Naily News #10

My November Giveaway closes TODAY! Click here to find out how you can win a BYS Glam Glitter Mini Kit or 3 Glitter Gal Holos.

Leanne tries her hand at marbling, amongst other things, with fantastic results.

If that isn't enough marbling for you, check out Thriszha's marbling magnificance.

Ginger totally kicks my butt with her konad-ing.

Kat has haulage.

Skye works some Hocus Pocus into her manicure.

Nixxy tributes Ben Barnes.  And does a lovely gold manicure in the process.

Nosaby does orange glitter - and it looks wonderful!

Pfft, Naive Nails does another fab Konadicure - are you girls determined to shame me into competence?!

Helen is making me want chocolate.

Amarena is fast becoming the Franken Queen.  Check out her amazing blue.

Kate is determined to ruin my bank account.  It's Dior.  It's Fabulous.

You know, I never really care what colour The Hungry Asian wears.  I just love looking at Kae's nails!

Jodie does a wonderful pink manicure.  It's just adorable!

Mary has an AMAZING Korres Giveaway.  You have to enter.  It's that simple.

Is it coral?  Is it orange?  You decide what colour Kellie Gonzo's manicure is!

Have a great weekend ladies.  I'm going to a friends house for lunch today and then will spend tonight watching movies.  What are you guys up to?


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