Thursday, November 26, 2009

BYS - Copacabana

Using Copacabana from BYS is like the story of the ugly duckling.

I'm not going to lie to you ladies.  The first coat?  It looks like cat sick.  No fooling.  Cat sick.  Bad cat sick.  Which isn't unusual for a yellow.  But this was spectacularly bad.

Second coat, however, and the wondrousness of this lacquer is revealed. This is an extraordinary primary yellow.  There's no shimmer, no glimmer, no glitter.  It's yellow.  Unapologetically so.

It takes four coats to get opaque but, once it's there, the result is quite amazing.   It's like liquid silk on the nails.  Super shiny.  Super glossy.  Super fab.

This is now the third lacquer I've tried by the BYS Carnival Range and I'm falling more in lust as the days go on.  Who knew something so cheap could be so amazing?


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