Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Skin Food - Pink Milk

The second Skin Food I am trying this week is Pink Milk.

This is just like its name suggests. It's a gorgeous, candy pink that would suit almost any skin tone and would be perfect in almost any situation - whether it be work, a wedding, Sunday brunch with the girls. It's extraordinarily versatile and a beautiful colour.

Unfortunately, application wise, this was even worse than Ice.

I'm thinking that part of the problem is the brush. The brush is small and rounded at the end. The polish tends to 'ball' on the end of the brush so, when you apply to the nail, the lacquer just plops onto the nail and, depending on how you have your hand positioned, it runs. At least, that's my theory.

Once again, despite the application problems, this is a beautiful colour that I imagine I'll be wearing a fair amount during the summer.

I also think this might be a dupe for Mecca Cosmetica's Celia? Albeit I think Pink Milk is marginally lighter. I'll do another side by side and see how it works.


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