Monday, November 23, 2009

Mecca Cosmetica - Helen - Part I

When Mecca Cosmetica released their new collection, I wasn't overly impressed. At least two of the colours appear to be repackaged hues from the Spring 2009 Collection, which I've reviewed previously.

However, I couldn't resist the yellow and blue from this collection.

Helen is a creamy, lemon-esque yellow.

Now, I don't know about you guys but I struggle with yellow hues. They never get fully opaque and the finish is always.... off. Plus, they make me looked jaundiced which I don't think is ever a good look.

This is the first yellow I've tried that is opaque in two coats and looks glorious, shiny, stunning. I absolutely love it.

Typical of Mecca, the formula is perfect. It's creamy without being too gloopy. It dries to a high shine and it lasts for as long as I want it to (I wore this for five days before I saw minor tip wear. And when I say, minor, I mean micro).

All up, I'd say this is a must have for anyone who loves yellow. It's certainly going into my favourites collection!


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