Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Face Shop - RD304

I have pretty much all of The Face Shop's lacquers. Part of the reason is because these are just so cheap - $3 each. They are also great quality. The colours are on trend (even if they're not exactly cutting edge). And, with a good top coat, these last for days. What more could you ask for in a lacquer?

RD304 (here we go with the Asian brand naming conventions again) is a deep red berry shimmer. This is a type of colour that I have a billion of in my collection. And I love every one of them.

This was opaque in two coats and was dry within five minutes. As in, Seche Vite rock hard dry. If you're the type of person who doesn't want to invest time in a manicure, then this is the colour for you.

What sets this apart from my other berries, is the pink component. This is pinker than most berries, which makes it a little unique for me. I feel it's less of a 'statement' or 'look at me' shade but it still looks suitably glamorous and sexy. Does that make sense?

Stay tuned later today. I've been shopping. I won't tell you how many lacquers I bought - it seems obscene - but they were all super cheap (between $2-$3 per bottle). I'll post some haul photos up later today and tomorrow. There are some really gorgeous colours that I know you guys will love.


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