Monday, November 2, 2009

Skin Food - Ice

Skin Food is a brand which I've raved about here and here, albeit I'm not a fan of the weird naming conventions they have (ie many of the polishes have no names - they're just inventory labels).

I'm trialling another two of their lacquers this week, this time from their Pastel Rainbow Collection. These lacquers are smaller than the ones I've tried so far (8mls versus 13mls), and they're marginally more expensive.

On the bright side, though, at least these have names! And the bottles are just too cute. They are like little medicine bottles.

Ice is an icy blue creme. I really like this colour and can see it becoming part of my regular rotation for the upcoming summer.

But.... the application on this is HIDEOUS. It takes three coats for this to become opaque, which I don't mind, however the formula is thick and gloopy. If I didn't wait until it completely dried between coats, the formula would drag and I would be left with bald spots. And, because it took three thick coats to get opaque, this took forever today, even with some Seche Vite magic.

I also found the formula difficult to control. Despite many attempts to control the brush, this still seeped into my cuticles at every opportunity. Although it cleaned up easily enough with some q-tips, it's something that annoyed me and extended my manicure time from 20 minutes to an hour.

Being the sucker for colour payoff that I am, however, the application problems won't stop me loving this colour like I love my kids. It's just too gorgeous.

I'm sitting here wondering if this could be a creme dupe for Eyeko's Pastel Polish? What do you think? Should I do a side by side and see?


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