Friday, November 20, 2009

You've Got Nail Rave - Essie Matte About You

As I mentioned last week, I finally got around to buying Essie's Matte About You.

I've been trialling the product on my Asos Paint Pots all week (and definitely click to see the larger versions).

The formula of this is really easy to use. It glides on like a regular top coat - smooth and glossy. After about 10 seconds on the nail, it magically turns the lacquer from gloss to matte. Right before your eyes. It's like a science experience from school, but a thoroughly more interesting one.

I've heard alot of bad things regarding longevity with matte topcoats, in terms of increasing shininess on the nail as the days goes past, and severe tip wear. To be honest, I did find that, by day three, my nails weren't as matte as they were on day one, and that my tips had become shiny again.

However, I think this kind of wear is standard, regardless of what top coat you use. I just applied a further coat of Matte About You and the finish was back to what it was on day one.

All up, I am absolutely thrilled with Matte About You. I want to matte-ify everything I find!

Have you tried Matte About You (or any other matte topcoat)? How did you find it?


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