Thursday, November 5, 2009

kit - Move Up

Last week, I trialled kit Cosmetics' Power Up, a magnificant black with fine silver particles strewn throughout. So I had high hopes for Move Up, which is described by kit as a 'chrome pewter'.

First off, the formula for this is entirely different than Power Up.

Where Power Up was like liquid silk and opaque and shiny in one coast, Move Up is typical of many shimmery chromes. This took two coats to get to bottle colour, and has a 'gritty' finish (which can be made glossy with a good top coat).

This has the potential to be streaky, as with all chromes. Thankfully, the shimmer does make it a little more forgiving. Marginally. I found that, if I wanted a perfect finish, it was better to wait until the first coat had dried before applying the second.

This is a colour that can be worn at work, but would also work for evening functions. Which I love because the idea of not having to change lacquers from day to night really appeals. I'm so lazy!

This is another success story from kit Cosmetics. I have another two left to try (a berry creme and a taupe creme) and I can't wait. Whilst these are a little on the pricey side, I can't fault the quality or colour pay off.

So, what do you think Ladies? I feel like I'm channeling Cleopatra with this colour!


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