Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mecca Cosmetica - Dionyza - Part II

For this look, I used Dionyza as the base and Helen as the Konad Stamp (the stamp is from a sample pack).

I'm really annoyed that the photo of this just didn't turn out the way I wanted because this is a gorgeous manicure. Definitely click on the photo and have a look at my middle finger.

The yellow flower pattern is delicate against the strong and bright blue. It's a great contrast of colours and is the perfect summer manicure.

So, sign me up to the Mecca Cosmetica Lacquer Fan Club. Whilst I have been skeptical of these in the past, believing that they're overpriced and unoriginal, my mind has been completely turned around.

The formula on these is up there with the best. They're luscious, the colours are on trend, and I just want every single one of them.


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