Monday, November 2, 2009

You've Got Duped - Skin Food Ice Vs Eyeko Pastel Polish

Mmmm, so I decided to do that side by side of Skin Food's Ice vs Eyeko's Pastel Polish.

I think the colours are reasonably close, however, there are some really obvious differences.

Firstly, the Eyeko is a 'truer' blue than Ice, which is paler and cooler in tone.

Also, while Ice is a true cream, Pastel Polish has a definite shimmer to it.

Finally, I much prefer the finish on the Pastel Polish than Ice. The Eyeko shines and gleams whilst the Skin Food looks alot 'thicker' on the nail and a little dull.

But they are close and, if you weren't looking for the differences like I am, I don't believe you could tell these two apart.

Having said that, these polishes are both available for under $5 at the moment so, if the point of a dupe is to find a cheaper option, then you're really only saving pennies here. And, if you're like me - a lacquer-holic - you'll probably end up buying both, right?


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