Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You've Got Duped - Skin Food Pink Milk Vs Mecca Cosmetica Celia

I did the side by side of Skin Food Pink vs Mecca Cosmetica Celia. I was really hoping that Pink Milk would be a dupe because it's under $5 and available to my overseas readers, versus Mecca, which is only available in Australia and is $22.

Whilst the lighting is different in these photos, I can say with a good level of certainty that Pink Milk is a great colour dupe, albeit it is, like I suspected, marginally lighter. But both are cremes. Both are deep-ish pinks.

However, given the application problems I've had with both Skin Food lacquers this week, I've got to be honest when I say I'd prefer to use Mecca Cosmetica, even though it's hideously expensive. The formula is better on Mecca and I much prefer the finish.

So what do you think, ladies. If you loved Celia, and I know alot of you did, then Pink Milk is a cheap alternative. But could you tolerate the application issues to get that colour payoff?


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