Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BYS - Purple Pizzazz

The final BYS Glam Glitter I'm trialling is Purple Pizzazz.

Oh, ladies, this is my favourite out of the four I've tried. I can't stop looking at my nails wearing this! Here is another purple that is curing me - albeit slowly - of my traditional distaste for purple.

Once again, I learnt from previous applications and made certain my brush was 'locked and loaded' with glitter. I think you can definitely see the difference between this manicure and the ones I did earlier in the week.

For me, this looks like a glammed up Mecca Cosmetica Celia. Gilded Angel, you've also tried Celia - what do you think? Is this a close dupe with some glitter thrown in for good measure? If so, this is a really cheap dupe. The White Miki base and Purple Pizzazz are, combined, around $5 versus $22 for Celia. What an amazing saving!

So, ladies, I hope you've enjoyed the Glam Glitter range. Really, these are so cheap ($3), and so versatile, that you'd be silly not to grab them quick.

And, without sounding too cryptic, stay tuned this Saturday for my November Giveaway which will involve these glitters in some way. For my international readers, who may not be able to access BYS lacquers, you won't want to miss this giveaway.


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